Everything To Know About Root Canal Treatments

Everything To Know About Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment otherwise referred to as endodontics, is a procedure that removes decayed and infected pulp from your tooth’s inner chamber or tooth root. As soon as a patient undergoes this procedure, he or she will no longer experience any pain and discomfort in the affected tooth because it is no longer inflamed.

What is a root canal?

A tooth has three main layers: the outer enamel, the inner dentin, and the pulp at the center. The crown is the exposed part of the tooth that is above the gum line. The root extends into the jawbone and provides the tooth with stability and support. Beneath the gums is a hollow area that houses the nerve and blood supply for the tooth.

The pulp is essential for the development of a tooth, but once it is fully matured, it no longer has a function in the mature tooth. If bacteria invade the pulp, it can cause infection, leading to abscesses, swelling of the gum tissue, pain, and in severe cases, tooth loss. A root canal is a dental procedure used to treat an infection or inflammation of the dental pulp.

Symptoms of root canal infection

Symptoms of an infection may include pain when biting down or chewing food, sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, tenderness of the gum near the infected tooth, and possibly a foul taste in your mouth. Diagnosing an infected tooth begins with a visual and physical examination of your mouth, including X-rays. Based on these findings, your dentist may recommend either a root canal or an extraction to remove the infected tooth and treat your pain.

A tooth can be damaged or decayed due to trauma to the mouth, large fillings, cracks or chips in the tooth’s enamel, or even extensive wear from teeth grinding. Any of these can cause your tooth to need repair with a dental crown.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of an infected tooth, call our office to set up an appointment today. We want to help you get back to enjoying a pain-free life!

What are the benefits of a root canal?

The most common question when patients hear that they need to have a root canal is, “What are the benefits of a root canal?” It is understandable that people would think this way; getting a cavity filled or a tooth pulled is not the same as getting something done to your teeth that will help prevent infection and tooth loss in the future – plus, the dental treatment sounds painful! But don’t worry – with advances in dentistry and technology, today’s root canals are much less painful than they used to be. Plus, they can prevent the need for more invasive procedures down the road! Not convinced yet? Here are a few of the many benefits of root canals.

  • For starters, it will prevent your tooth from needing to be extracted in the first place. If an infected tooth isn’t taken care of soon after the infection sets in, it can lead to an infection spreading to other teeth in the mouth as well as the jawbone. This can cause swelling in the face, pain, and difficulty chewing. By the time the damage is done, the tooth may have fallen out on its own or need to be pulled. A root canal can help prevent this from happening by healing the infection and preventing it from recurring.
  • Another benefit of having a root canal is that after the procedure is performed, your tooth will be preserved, so you can continue to eat a healthy, balanced diet without worrying about losing your tooth. In addition, tooth extraction can leave you with a gap to fill in the smile that may require further dental procedures in the future, such as a bridge or a dental implant. A root canal saves you from having to go through these additional steps to preserve your smile. 
  • Finally, a root canal procedure will help save the rest of your mouth as well! The bacteria from a diseased tooth can be extremely harmful and even deadly to the rest of the body if it isn’t treated right away, so getting rid of the infection with a root canal will save your overall health in the long run.

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