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Whether you choose a dentist in 97221 to replace your missing teeth, choosing an experienced dentist is essential for optimal results. At Cedar Creek Dental, our dentist in 97221 specializes in numerous dental procedures and has helped many patients achieve a beautiful they would love to show off!

Dental Crowns With the Dentist in 97221

Apart from convenience, going to the dentist in 97221 for dental crowns offers an additional perk that patients love—efficiency! Rather than giving your impression to a lab technician who will create your custom restoration, your dentist will both create the permanent crown and permanently attach it to your tooth in a single appointment. That means you’ll save time in the dental chair, and you’ll also save money by not having to schedule multiple visits to complete your treatment. This is especially helpful for patients who need to undergo a full mouth reconstruction using dental implants as well as dental crowns. While implant-supported restorations take longer to complete than crowns placed over healthy teeth, the treatment is generally less expensive because it requires fewer appointments overall. Plus, having your dentist in 97221 design and create your new smile is more comfortable and convenient than outsourcing the task to a specialist. 

We Care for Your Safety

When your dentist in 97221 oversees your treatment process, you are far less likely to experience complications of any kind. Your dentist in 97221 can monitor your progress and ensure that the treatment plan is right for you. With professional oversight, you also avoid the risk of causing harm or further damage to the affected teeth during the healing process.

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