Root Canal in Hillsboro, OR


The purpose of a root canal in Hillsboro, OR, is to save teeth from extraction. If an infected tooth is not treated, it will eventually die and need to be removed. Saving the teeth helps to maintain the patient’s dental health and prevents shifting teeth that can damage the bite and make chewing difficult.

Indications For a Root Canal in Hillsboro, OR

A root canal in Hillsboro, OR, may be recommended if a tooth is infected or inflamed, causing pain. An infection or inflammation can occur for a variety of reasons. The pulp tissue inside each tooth can become infected as a result of tooth decay. If left untreated, the infection can spread through the tooth and into the gums and bone that holds the tooth in place.

In addition to an infected tooth, an abscess can form if the infection spreads to the bone holding the teeth in place. When treated promptly, this is usually a reversible condition, and extraction can be avoided.

Trauma can also cause trauma to a tooth and allow bacteria to enter the pulp tissue inside the tooth. This can also result in an infection that can cause pain.

Another reason for needing a root canal in Hillsboro, OR, is when the nerve has been damaged because of severe decay or trauma. The nerve is not essential for a tooth’s survival, but it is still necessary for protecting the tooth from further infection and pain. If the nerve is damaged, the tooth may become more fragile and more likely to break.

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