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If you have a sore tooth or a broken filling, you must see our dentist at Cedar Creek Dental: Office of Dr. Phil Han, as soon as possible to prevent complications like a root canal infection. However, immediate treatment with a dentist isn’t the only urgent dental care you may need. If your dentures crack or the clasp breaks, you’ll want to get them fixed immediately before they become damaged beyond repair. In more extreme cases, many dental offices also offer emergency dental services for patients in severe pain or serious injuries affecting their teeth, gums, or face.

If you’ve lost a tooth because of an accident or injury, call the dentist to see if they can repair your smile with some tooth replacement procedure. The sooner the tooth is replaced, the better chance you have at maintaining your natural smile for life. 

Reasons to Seek Urgent Dental Care

Untreated tooth decay can cause pain, discomfort, and even trouble chewing or speaking properly. In addition, the bacteria that cause decay and cavities can spread throughout the body and lead to other health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and much more. For these reasons and more, it’s important to seek dental care as soon as possible after noticing any symptoms of oral problems.

In addition to these immediate consequences of undiagnosed oral health issues, failing to seek treatment can also have long-term effects on your oral health. For example, root canal infections can lead to more severe problems if left untreated. Root canal infections can be painful, but the good news is that they’re treatable with endodontic therapy. However, patients who don’t seek out this care will risk further infection of the tooth’s nerve tissue, which can result in the need for tooth extraction in severe cases.

Benefits of Immediate Dental Care

Many patients experience severe tooth pain or sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures and may be unaware of the source of their discomfort. These symptoms can be indicative of a serious dental health issue that requires immediate treatment. Treating your dental emergency quickly is the best way to preserve your smile and prevent the need for extensive restorative therapies in the future. Our dentists can provide immediate relief from pain and treat the damaged tooth or area to avoid further complications. Waiting to seek treatment worsens the issue, resulting in more expensive treatments and lengthy recovery times.

If you’ve been experiencing any signs of oral pain or sensitivity, contact Cedar Creek Dental: Office of Dr. Phil Han at 11786 SW Barnes Rd #360, Portland, OR 97225, or call (503) 646-1811 to avoid more severe complications. You can prioritize your dental care by working with our dentist to create a treatment plan that best fits your needs.


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