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Veneers are made of thin ceramic material and bonded to the front side of your teeth. They can match the color of your natural teeth to make your smile look natural and beautiful. They’re an excellent cosmetic solution if you have teeth that are misaligned, gapped, or discolored. They can also correct minor misalignments of your teeth, such as overlapping front teeth. At Cedar Creek Dental: Office of Dr. Phil Han, our dentist will work with you to decide the best option for your goals.

The Procedure for Veneers

First, your dentist will lightly buff the surface of your tooth to prepare the surface for the veneer to bond to. Next, they will take an impression of your tooth to the lab to have your veneer custom fabricated. When the veneer returns from the laboratory, it will be placed on your tooth and bonded using a type of dental cement. This will require a special light to be shined on the tooth to help activate the chemicals in the cement so that it hardens properly. Once it’s in place, it will function like any other teeth — you can eat all your favorite foods without worrying about damaging the veneer.

The Advantages of Veneers

There are many advantages of using porcelain veneers for a smile makeover. For starters, porcelain is highly durable, so your new smile should last for many years with proper care. Porcelain is also stain-resistant, so your veneers will resist discoloration from coffee, wine, tea, and other foods and drinks that tend to stain teeth. These thin shells are custom-made to fit your mouth perfectly, giving you a natural-looking smile. You can continue enjoying your favorite foods and drinks without worrying about damaging your dental work. 

How to Care for Your Veneers

The porcelain used to create custom-made veneers is exceptionally stain-resistant, but it still requires some care. Make sure to brush and floss regularly to avoid cavities or gum disease. These problems can lead to damaged veneers. Brush at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. It’s also important to rinse your mouth after meals to clear away food debris. You should also avoid chewing on hard items such as ice, pencils, fingernails, etc., as they can damage the veneer material. If you grind your teeth at night, wear a nightguard to protect your teeth and reduce the risk of damage.

With good oral hygiene habits and regular checkups with our dentist, your veneers can last for several years before needing replacement or maintenance treatment. To learn more about veneers, visit Cedar Creek Dental: Office of Dr. Phil Han at 11786 SW Barnes Rd #360, Portland, OR 97225, or call (503) 646-1811.


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